Time of Transition

Monday, February 3, 2014 at 23:26 by Spirit_in_Black

Well I had hoped to make this announcment at the start of this year but due to some unavoidable delays I am making it now. It is time for me to retire from my position here on Naruto Arena. I no longer have the time needed to dedicate myself to this site or the will(mega character batch releases take tons of work for one person I don't recomend any admin to do them) and the best thing for the site and you the players is to pass leadership on. I notified Spirit_in_Black and the web masters of my decision shortly before the new year and that Spirit should replace me as head Admin. He is the obvious choice due to his years of service on Naruto Arena and his works on Soul Arena. Please show him the respect and suppport that you showed me and thank you one last time for your support of Naruto Arena over the years. Oreacharound signing off for the last time~

P.S.: Please give him time to catch up to speed.  


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time of transition

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