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Some balance changes were done:
Check here for the latest changes.

Fans of the Sound Genin rejoice! The Sound Genin sent by Orochimaru to test Sasuke's skills during the Chuunin exam are now available for play. They are not mission characters and are available to all players immediately. The Sound Genin are Dosu Kinuta, Kin Tsuchi, and Zaku Abumi (yes, first/last name order is actually canon).

Dosu is a cheap damage dealer that can boost his damage and has a unique follow-up skill that permanently damages a target and leaves them defenseless. He is vaguely reminiscent of Chouji.

Kin is a preparation genjutsu user. She can cause area effect damage, stun, and chakra drain the enemy team. But beware that her preparation skill is short-lived. Her closest equivalent is Tenten.

Zaku is a pure bloodline damage dealer, the only one currently in the game now. He has both single target and area effect damage skills. He can also defend one of his allies. He works a lot like Temari but with a little bit of Asuma thrown in.

We hope everyone enjoys the new characters!

Naruto-Arena Staff

Update: The sound genin are now stated as Sound Ninja so that the missions now work.

Update: Dosu Kinuta's Melody Arm tuning now costs 1 ninjutsu.

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