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Monday, September 18, 2006 at 19:42 by gametester
While everyone is playing the game and doing the missions, Naruto Arena has rapidly increased its visitors. Yesterday we had a total of 38.000 unique visitors which is really a nice thing to know. Also we have seen more then 750 people online.

But there is also a side story to the status of the site. As you may have seen the servers go down a lot. Although we have two extremely strong servers, we are sometimes unable to host the amount of people that are willing to play. We talked with our host and came to the conclusion that a lot of money is needed if we want to upgrade even further. So far Naruto Arena has been sponsored by the advertisements you see on this site, but this is not longer enough to fully support the site?s servers.

We could include a script where it would limit the amount of people that are able to access the site, but we don?t feel much for that idea. In our opinion Naruto Arena has to be a game that everyone can play anywhere at anytime without much waiting time or queues.

This means that from now on we will set a monthly donation goal that we hope to reach at the end of every month. In the future we might have special features for donators, so we will be counting the donations coming from now on.

For us and probably for you too it?s important that the site becomes more stable then it is at the moment. If you have some money left, and you like playing on Naruto Arena we would really appreciate it if you could send a donation. You can find the pay pal button on the left.

Thanks in advance,
Naruto Arena Staff.

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