Pre-Shippuuden Itachi and Kisame Released!

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Pre-Shippuuden Itachi and Kisame Released!

Friday, February 22, 2008 at 21:50 by Luapman

Balance Change 2/24: Nerf: Itachi - Amaterasu

Two new, long awaited, characters to fill the gap until Shippuuden can be done. They were designed with assistance from Redxmaverick. They both have rather unique mission requirements and as such I will try to play at least 5 ladder matches a day for a week or two just to get the ball rolling. If this sounds odd just check out their missions in the A-Rank section.

Hoshigaki Kisame: A low-cost, easy to use versatile character. His damage to cost ratio is slightly above average and he is capable of stunning, stealing chakra and solid regular damage output.

Uchiha Itachi: Perhaps the most anticipated character ever on N-A. Itachi is a preparation character with costly but highly effective skills that have little drawback. Itachi requires planning and finesse to use, similar to wielding a sledgehammer like you would a knife.

Luapman and the N-A Staff 

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