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Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 10:58 by Luapman

ALERT!!! SCAM GOING AROUND!!! The tournament is a fake, dont believe it. The Staff will NEVER ask for your password.


Do not believe any private messages you get asking for your password, like this one below.

"Hello, the staff will soon be opening the exclusive group, akatsuki. But, it will consist of the best normal players, but to enter, you must first win the Akatsuki tournament, and the top players will get to join, and be the first to unlock the akatsuki member's missions! (Yes, you must unlock them, we cant let you have them for nothing lol.) To join, you must fill out the following form and reply to sender. We ask you to respond as soon as possible, because in the next few days on the announcements will be a list of all eligable entrees. You may ask why an academy student is asking you to join, and it is due to the fact I and the other recruiters do not want people hacking our mains, making it eligable for them to make whomever they want apart of akatsuki. Thank you and good luck!

Rank(ninja rank: IE. Genin, chuunin):
Best Rank achieved:
Would you like to join Akatsuki Tournament:"

Do not trust this. The N-A staff never has and never will do anything like this.

Update: Game Not Found Bug Fixed. 

Hi fellow players. We are becoming alarmed by the growing number of Naruto-Arena players who have their accounts stolen by certain members who ask for their passwords. They usually pose as “members” of the N-A staff (Admins/Global Mods/Moderators), and promise to promote you as “moderator” in exchange of your account’s password.

Please DO NOT believe such requests.

Here is a sample Private Message:

“you seem your very good at this game would you want to be moderator, i need your pass to put it, and im gametesters right hand man and i look if some1 spam or something against rules so do you want. it takes only 20 min”

 Please remember that your account is your responsibility. It is basic Internet common-sense not to give out your password to complete strangers. We, the Naruto-Arena staff, will never ask for your password.

7/13/07: Zabuza's Hidden Mist Technique now gives him 33% damage reduction.

7/10/07: Orochimaru's Kusanagi has been returned back down to 35 damage.

7/5/07: Orochimaru's Cursed Seal Technique's cooldown increased and damage from Kidoumaru's Summoning Kyodaigumo was increased.

6/30/07: Sandaime's Major Summoning Enma received a moderate boost.

6/29/07: Minor change to Sandaime's Shiki Fuujin skill.

Balance change to Nidaime's Bringer of Darkness skill.
Read what the change is here:'s-repository/

Read my reasoning on changes to this skill here:'s-feet-(aka-balance-discussio.../106/#post292369 

Naruto-Arena Staff

Posted on November 27, 2012 at 03:35

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