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Orochimaru is one of the Legendary Sannin. He can increase his teams chakra for a price and summon powerful snakes to beat his enemies.
Requirement to unlock: Mission: Disciples of the Snake


Orochimaru pulls the legendary sword from his stomach and swiftly stabs one enemy who takes 35 damage and loses 1 bloodline or genjutsu chakra from their pool.
 Cooldown: None
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Instant, Melee, Unique

Cursed Seal Technique

Orochimaru places a cursed seal on any character who takes 15 affliction damage and gains 1 chakra. This skill is considered offensive even if used on allies.
 Cooldown: 3
Chakra required: No Costs
 Classes: Chakra, Melee, Instant, Unique, Affliction

Major Summoning Manda

By summoning Manda, Orochimaru will do 45 piercing damage to one enemy and that enemy will lose 1 bloodline, ninjutsu, and genjutsu chakra.
 Cooldown: 5
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Instant, Ranged, Unique

Earth Clone Technique

This skill makes Orochimaru invulnerable for 1 turn.
 Cooldown: 4
Chakra required:
 Classes: Chakra, Instant
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Win 5 battles in a row with Uchiha Sasuke. (5/5)
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Win 7 battles with Uchiha Sasuke or Yakushi Kabuto versus Hatake Kakashi. (7/7)
Win 7 battles with Uchiha Sasuke or Yakushi Kabuto versus Haruno Sakura. (5/7)
Win 7 battles with Uchiha Sasuke or Yakushi Kabuto versus Shizune. (7/7)

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