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As most of you know, the fourth great ninja war is ongoing in the Naruto series. So I've decided to incorporate that into how you the players will recieve new character releases until further notice. Thus making this an ongoing event. In war you never know when the next enemy will come for you or where they will come from. Keeping your guard up is a constant must. That said here is a wave of Edo Tensei characters that are sure to cause chaos on the NA battlefield. Keep your defenses up you never know when another wave of enemies may appear.

9-22-12 Update

Edo Tensei Zabuza (S) has been summoned from the dead against his will. His unique abilities will surely be put to use on the battlefield.




Edo Tensei Haku (S) is not sure why he is among the living again but his dream of protecting Zabuza pushes him to go all out.




Edo Tensei Sasori (S) has been resurrected in the ageless body that he had always wanted during his life. He is sent out to the battlefield in Akatsuki's ambush squad.




Edo Tensei Jinin (S) is a former member of the seven swordsman of the mist. Using his sword Kabutowari he will demonstrate the power of the previous generation on the battlefield.

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