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Ninja Missions

Ninja missions are tasks that can be done to unlock more characters.

Step-by-step guide to do a mission:
  • 1) Be the required rank or higher.
  • 2) Have any required missions completed.
  • 3) Press the Start Playing button.
  • 4) Select any characters involved in any missions you wish to work on.
  • 5) Play the game normally.
  • 6) Finally understand that missions are not a seperate game but work in the background passively.
The Shippuuden Missions are the newest missions in town! With these missions you are able to unlock many new characters and upgrades to existing characters.
These missions are dedicated to unlocking those who call Konoha their home, from the lowly leaf genin to the mighty Kage of legend.
One of the great villages, this section is for the ninja of the sand, who endure weather and conditions and fight with multiple skills and tactics.
Also known as the Village of the Bloody Mist, these missions are for those deadly ninja that come or have come from there.
A village literally hidden in the clouds, these missions are meant to unlock the ninja and shinobi which tend to prefer fighting with their fists or weapons.
These missions are for unlocking the ninja that fight for the village hidden in the rocks.
One of the smaller, and less powerful villages, these missions are for unlocking those ninja powerful enough to make a name for themselves in the larger world outside their village.
Founded by Orochimaru, the Sound Village is a coalition of unique ninja under Orochimaru's leadership, and these missions will let you unlock those ninja.
These missions are for unlocking the members of the secret organization, Akatsuki, with each member being powerful and intimidating in their own right.

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