New ladder system and schedule updates

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New ladder system and schedule updates

Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 20:32 by Mark
Over the last couple of days we have been testing the new ladder in the background. But because the match-up system was still based on the old ladder system, we couldn't fully test it. Overall the ladder seems to work as we intended; it appears to give a more stable and accurate listing of all the players. Skilled players will also be able rise much faster to their “real” level. We are now doing the updates to all the other scripts related to the ladder (player profile, missions, match-up system, etc).

The moment the ladder is released, we will also modify the mission requirements so that they will work correctly with the new ladder. Our aim is that the average player will be able to unlock most of the characters. Please note that you will have to achieve a specified rank in order to do each of the missions. We will put the pre-shippuden missions, and 'weaker' shippuden characters in the first ranks, and the 'stronger' shippuden characters in the missions that require higher ranks.

This is our current schedule:
17 April 2008 we will take the full day to implement the new ladder.
24 April 2008 we will take the full day to implement the new engine. Some pre-shippuden characters will be changed because of this, and the first shuppiden characters will be unlockable through missions.

Lastly I would like to show you the current top 10 in the new ladder. Please note there will be a reset the moment we fully upgrade!

Rank 1: iiilllililil
Rank 2: fcuks-badguy
Rank 3: Rycho_fuuinjutsu
Rank 4: 100nek
Rank 5: lee28885
Rank 6: Sorak
Rank 7: Weezyaveli
Rank 8: Imperatore
Rank 9: emman23
Rank 10: zhwn24

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