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Friday, April 6, 2007 at 15:25 by gametester ! The Official Naruto Arena Forums

Yes, we know. It took far too long to release the forums, but we're finally done. It was quite some work because we've designed and coded these forums all by ourselves (just like we did for any page you see on Naruto Arena).

The forum's different sections were quite hard to come up with, but with all the input we received I think all in all the setup is great. Today we've appointed 20 people to moderate the forums. These moderators will be tested in the upcoming days. If you wanted to be a moderator but you were not contacted, there's still a chance. Get active on the forums! Also note that most of the moderators are active chatters in our IRC channel.

All postcounts have been reseted. So don't pass out if you read [ posts: 0 ] on your profile. Everybody's postcount has been reseted. You also no longer get post for comments made on the main page. As you might and must understand is that the Forums will not be a new chat room for players.

To all the people who posted on the forum before. All posts that were made before the release of the forum, are deleted. We will strictly moderate the forums and spamming puts your Naruto-Arena account in danger, this includes your game status!

To keep the quality of the forums high check out all the sections on the forums, or just check out the forum's sitemap. We've made a lot of sections because we want to structure the topics in a nice way. Plus, I'd like to ask all chatters to go to our IRC channel. Most moderators will also be on IRC.

Anyway, enough blabber. I hope everybody enjoys the forums. Let it be a new board where people share their vision, ideas and strategies related to the game! But of course it's not only about the game, like I said before just check out the forum's sitemap. Enjoy!

Chipp & Gametester

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