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Naruto-Arena presents: Ninja Missions

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 at 19:42 by Mark
For the past couple of days gametester and me have been working very hard on the mission system. We have encountered a fair share of problems and bugs which prevented us from releasing it earlier, but after some long nights of work we finally got there.

Naruto-Arena gives you the new feature called: Ninja Missions.

For those who didn?t know, the Ninja Missions are designed to force players to use different characters and strategies. And by finishing the different missions, players are rewarded with additional characters. You can find the specifics under Ninja Missions in the main menu.

For now we have made 5 missions to unlock the Sound Four. More will follow in time.

Have fun,
Naruto Arena Staff

New balance changes:
  • Haku's Demonic Ice mirrors now cost 1 bloodline and 1 ninjutsu.
  • Kiba's Double headed wolf got it's cooldown increased with 1.

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