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Missions, Percentages, Balances, etc. Info

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 01:15 by Kostas

Hi, guys,

I wanted to make a mostly quick new post to talk about a few things.


We talked about this on the last balance, but allow me to elaborate. As we go along, and optimize each character, we will review their missions as well. The things we will be doing to the missions and mission groups are as follows:

1. Removing Pre-Req missions. Zabuza's mission for example, required another mission to be done. That mission has been removed. As we go through each character, their Pre-Req missions will be removed too.

2. Combining Character Groups. Young Kakashi group no longer exists. It has been merged into the Hatake Kakashi group. This is because they are both Kakashi. This was done to make missions simpler, reduce Character Group clutter and just make everyone's mission life a little less painful. This will take a while, especially since there are a ton of redudancy in the system right now. Eventually, for example, every single Naruto character will be usable in any mission that requires to use or beat Naruto.

3. Fixing Mission Goals. Some missions have awful goals. They will be fixed. This will be done through a combination of #2, and just outright removing those goals for newer better ones.

4. Mission Sections. You guys should have noticed some new mission sections. These are currently test sections and subject to change, but the idea is eventually we want to move them and organize them far better than they are. A section called "ALL NEW MISSIONS HERE!" that is stuffed full of all missions, regardless of connection is not acceptable and is something we will fix. 


I wanted to make a note here to sate some curiousities. In general, our acceptable win percentages when doing balances is 45% to 55%. This will vary depending on the usage of the character, their team win percentages, and how they have been performing in the last several months. We do a lot of math and equations when looking at these, and of course, stats are not the only things we look at as of course, numbers can always be off. But on average, a character at 60% win percent, like Shino was, will be nerfed, or a character at 40%, will be boosted.

Hopefully that cleared some things on what we are doing and why. And as always, more to come soon.



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missions, percentages, balances, etc. info

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