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 --3-18-13 Update--

-3-4-13 Update-

 2-22-13 Update



The fifth round of the Holiday Havoc 5 has started! Please check here for match-ups.
 2-9-13 Update


 2-1-13 Update



The fourth round of the Holiday Havoc 5 has started! Please check here for match-ups.

 1-25-13 Update



The third round of the Holiday Havoc 5 has started! Please check here for match-ups.
This is the last character release of the war event and it is a big one. This release will simulate the  chaotic environment of all out war. A twelve character batch is here for all, as well as a ladder update. The minimum amount of experience you will gain in ladder games has been increased from 15 to 60. The maximum amount of experience you will lose in ladder games has been decreased from 600 to 465. With all that said, good luck unlocking those characters and your renewed quest to reach Hokage!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 Zaji (S) is a sensor shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village. He is also part of the ambush division in the allied shinobi forces.



 Maki (S) is kunoichi of the Hidden Sand Village and the student of Pakura. Maki (S) is also a member of the Ninja Alliance Sealing Squad.



 Ittan (S) is a Hidden Rock Village shinobi. Ittan (S) is battle hardened and extremely calm during battle.


 Kitsuchi (S) is a jounin of the Hidden Rock Village and the son of the Sandaime Tsuchikage as well as the father of Kurotsuchi. Kitsuchi (S) is also the commander of the allied shinobi forces second division.




 Atsui (S) is a skilled swordsmen of the Hidden Cloud Village as well as the hot blooded brother of Samui.



Omoi (S) is a Hidden Cloud Village shinobi and a student of Killer Bee. Having been trained by Killer Bee naturally he is an exceptional swordsman.



Darui (S) is a jounin of the Hidden Cloud Village and the right hand of the Yondaime Raikage. Despite his appearance Darui (S) is a formidable shinobi.


 Edo Tensei Gari (S) is a former member of the Hidden Rock Village's explosives corps. Edo Tensei Gari (S) has been summoned to do battle in the fourth great ninja war and he seems to be enjoying himself.



 Edo Tensei Kinkaku (S) is the other half of the legendary gold and silver brothers of the Hidden Cloud Village. They were the most notorious criminals in the history of the Hidden Cloud.



 Edo Tensei Kuriarare (S) was a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and a member of the Hidden Mist Village's Anbu. During his life he committed countless atrocities and he is happy to be back from death to engage his newfound opponents.




 Edo Tensei Jinpachi (S) is one of the previous Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and a particularly cruel individual.


 Edo Tensei Hanzo (S) has been summoned back from the dead in the middle of a battlefield and he is not happy about it. Edo Hanzo (S) will engage anyone that crosses his path as he did when he was alive.

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i need a clannnnnnnnnnnnn

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Join a New RP Site.
The admins and Mods are nice too and you can make your avatar ANYTHING you want. Swearing will not get you into trouble and you can even ask a admin for your own area in the site to make your own role play page.

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guys... please check this out please

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Madara1gfriend wrote:

guys... please check this out please
Couldn't find it.

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Madara1gfriend wrote:

guys... please check this out please
I believe you mean this. u,u

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hi 2 all
good morning all

sorry 4 long time not online

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hi 2all

good morning all

sorry r long time online

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