Naruto-Arena forces you to select 3 characters when you start a new game. This page gives you an overview of all characters available in the Naruto-Arena game. Not only can you view each character's skills, you can also discuss the characters by posting comments.

Kyuubi Naruto

Naruto's anger and desperation has forced the Kyuubi's chakra to come up to the surface, changing Naruto into a single-minded beast with a nearly endless amount of chakra. With the Kyuubi chakra around Naruto, he is able to unleash powerful waves of raw chakra to endow his power further, or gather it back to guard and heal him.
Requirement to unlock: Mission: The Rise of a Jinchuuriki

Kyuubi Rasengan

Naruto slams his Kyuubi empowered rasengan onto one enemy, dealing 35 damage and stunning them for 1 turn. Naruto will also receive 5 affliction damage.*
 Cooldown: 1
Chakra required:
 Classes: Chakra, Melee, Affliction*, Instant

Kyuubi Rage

The Kyuubi's chakra is let loose, dealing 15 damage to all enemies for 3 turns.* During this time, 'Kyuubi Rasengan' will deal an additional 10 damage. 'Kyuubi Chakra' may not be used during this time.
 Cooldown: 3
Chakra required:
 Classes: Chakra, Melee, Unique, Instant, Action*

Kyuubi Chakra

Naruto begins using the Kyuubi's chakra, healing himself 15 health for 5 turns.* During this time, Naruto will have 10 points of damage reduction and 'Kyuubi Rasengan' will deal 10 less damage. 'Kyuubi Rage' may not be used during this time.
 Cooldown: 5
Chakra required:
 Classes: Chakra, Unique, Instant, Action*

Kyuubi Dodge

This skill makes Kyuubi Naruto invulnerable for 1 turn.
 Cooldown: 4
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Instant

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