Kazekage, Kabuto, and Sai! Oh My!

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Kazekage, Kabuto, and Sai! Oh My!

Sunday, October 19, 2008 at 11:20 by Luapman
10/26/08 Balance Update:
Rework: Kabuto (due to an unresolvable glitch)
Boosts: Shigure, Kisame Body Double, Sai

10/22/08 Balance Update:
Nerfs: Kazekage Gaara
Boosts: Kabuto, Sasori

Get it? It ryhmes!

Anyways, without further ado I present the next two Shippuuden characters here at Naruto-Arena.

Kazekage Gaara:
After a few sort years and much soul-searching, Gaara has risen to be his village's Kazekage. Rather than destroying others he now protects those he cares about to prove his existence.

A current member of the elite ANBU Root, Sai is an unparalleled artist who uses chakra to bring his images to life.

Also Kabuto has seen a major change to both Mystical Palm Technique and Secret Healing Wound Destruction. Be sure to check out his skills.


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kazekage, kabuto, and sai! oh my!

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