Just some planning

Monday, July 3, 2006 at 05:40 by gametester
Update: Over the morning of 07-07-2006 we have been working on the databases. This caused downtime which might crashed or bugged some of your matches. Sorry for the inconvience.
Update: The chakra of Hyuuga Hinata's skills have been reworked.

Because there are a lot of questions regarding features and characters i thought it would be interesting to give you people a look in our planning. This planning does not contain times. This means we simply have no idea when each task will be done. Fact is, that we complete task by task (starting with the top one). So here it is:

  • Ino coding + testing + activating (last non-quest character)
  • Flash Site Chat

  • Overall Security (this might fix bugs too)
  • Cooldowns visible on the website

  • Battle music
  • Changing battle backgrounds

  • More Ninjaranks in Ladder
  • Battle Chat + Battle Log in-Game
  • Forum

  • Finishing the other characters
  • Creating quest support (which will let you unlock more characters)
  • Private game functionality
  • End of Beta
  • Advertising (generate more traffic)

  • Clan support & Clan ladder
  • Detailed battle results, logs and statistics
  • Tournaments

  • Another small note about the spamming in newscomments. I understand that i can't blame you because there is not really much ways to communicate, but, try to keep the posts as much on-topic and usefull as you can. The more comments i expect to be usefull, the more i read, which might be an advantage :).

    Thanks for your cooperation!

    Note: There will be no character testing done by members. Just by me and the other admins. So dream on ;)

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