July Edo Tensei Batch

Sunday, July 14, 2013 at 20:09 by oreacharound

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It's that time again, time for new characters!! I know it has been awhile since the last batch but good things come to those who wait. Here is a summer batch of edo zombies for you all to enjoy. This batch has mostly player submitted images for every character. As Always thank you for your continued support of Naruto Arena. With that said get out there and try out those new characters in these lazy summer days. Good luck unlocking them everyone and have fun!!!!!!!!!



                                                                                                                                                                                                          Edo Tensei Yondaime Kazekage (S) has been summoned to participate in the war. He will prioritize his village above all else while he is back.




Edo Tensei Sandaime Raikage (S) is not pleased to be back among the living and forced to do battle. He does however have faith that the new generation of shinobi can defeat him and his peers.




Edo Tensei Nidaime Tsuchikage (S) has been revived against his will to do battle. He will take advantage of the situation to make sure that the Hidden Rock Village benefits from this war.



Edo Tensei Nidaime Mizukage (S) has been resurrected against his will to do battle.  He does not want to hurt anyone but he is interested in the potential of the new generation. He will test their limits with his own skill.




Edo Tensei Toroi (S) is back on the battlefield wreaking havoc as he goes. It will be a difficult situation for whoever may come across him.




Edo Tensei Nagato (S) has been summoned to do battle. He is fully aware of the fact that he is being controlled again as he was while he was living.



                                                                                                     Edo Tensei Torune (S) has been summoned to the front line to do battle. He will seek to be sealed while being controlled.



                                                                                                    Edo Tensei Fukai (S) has been summoned using the edo tensei jutsu. He is powerless to stop himself from rampaging.

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