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Important Information About Account Safety

Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 00:47 by Spirit_in_Black


Here is the latest balance updates: Balance Log 9




3-30-12 Balance Changes


If you have any intentions on keeping your account secure, keep reading. There has been a drastic rise lately in lost and or stolen account reports. To start, the staff is not going to help you get your account back. Your accounts are your own responsibility, and it is up to you that they have a working + hidden email and a secure password. Also, the staff will NEVER ask you for your password. You should not be giving your passwords to anyone for any reason, or changing your e-mail for anyone or anything.  More Info HERE!

Also, it has come to our attention that members who are trading accounts are also getting scammed. Trading accounts is already prohibited on the boards, however, if you do it privately, please remember that you are trading your account away at your own risk, and that losing your account and receiving nothing for it is HIGHLY common.

Players who are caught ladder swapping (the act of using multiple accounts, or friends to find each one another in ladder mode and have one surrender to grant the other player an instant win) will result in the resetting or confiscation of the involved account(s). Scammers will also be punished to the fullest extent.

Finally, both clans and individuals who help or knowingly allow site offenses of any kind can be held accountable. Clans and individuals doing so put themselves at risk of punishment at the staff’s discretion.

Thank you
~The Moderation Staff

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