Huzah! New Characters

Thursday, August 2, 2007 at 06:15 by Luapman

Update: Mission bug is now fixed. You are now able to finish Baki's mission as soon as you play a game. Sorry for this problem

Finally we bring you 4 new characters, each with new missions to unlock them.

Akadou Yoroi - A taijutsu chakra stealer, with minimal damage output. Yoroi can be unlocked via the D and C Rank Missions.


Baki - A genjutsu / ninjutsu driven medium damager that can be hard to kill. Baki can be unlocked via the A Rank Missions.


Gaara Rehabilitated - A bloodline and ninjutsu user. He has both solid defence and offense. Gaara Rehabilitated can be unlocked via the D and C Rank Missions.


Mitarashi Anko - A ninjustu user capable of inflicting sizable over-time damage. Anko can be unlocked via the B Rank Missions.

Also you may notice that the mission groups have been renamed and the character selection menu has been broadened.

Update: Minor changes to Anko and Yoroi's skills (8/3/07). Balance changes to Kakashi, Anko, and Yoroi (8/4/07). Check Luapman's Repository and the Altar Part 2 for the specific changes and discussion.


Gametester, Mark, Luapman, and all the N-A Staff 

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