Happy New Year!

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 1-28-12 Balance Changes



The sixth round has started! Please remember to check the topic for your match-up! HERE! 
1-18-12 Balance Changes


The fifth round has started! Please remember to check the topic for your match-up! HERE!


The fourth round has started! Please remember to check the topic for your match-up! HERE!
1-8-12 Balance Update



The third round of the Holiday Havoc events has started! Please check for your match-ups! HERE Good luck, everyone.
________________________________________________________________________________ As we head into 2012 there is a few things that I would like to fill everyone in on. The first thing is the latest poll, I'm sure you have all seen it by now and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their feedback. I have decided that at this time no missions will require a ladder rank higher than sannin. This was a tough decision, you the players seem to be split decisively down the middle when it comes to this subject. Instead of making a Jincuurki ranked mission at this time I will instead take this chance to let you all know that coming up in 2012 there will be jinchuuriki missions. One at first to see how it goes, so I would practice your ladder skills if I were you. Also in 2012 there will be frequent polls for you to vote on that will help me get a better understanding of what you the players like or dislike about different subjects. With that being said, here is a small balance update and 3 brand new characters for all to enjoy. Good luck unlocking those characters and thank you all for your continued support of Naruto Arena. Happy new year!!!!

 Balance Update



Temari (S) has grown over the years. She is now a Jounin as well as the sister of Kankuro  and Gaara. Temari is also the Hidden Sand Village's ambassador to the Hidden Leaf Village.



Hachibi Bee (S) has complete control of the Hachibi within him. This allows Bee to use all forms of the Hachibi's power at will making him a true killer shinobi.



Mangekyou Sasuke (S), Sasuke after defeating his older brother Itachi has gained the mangekyou sharingan. That combined with his embrace of darkness makes him one of the deadliest shinobi alive.


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happy new year!

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