Effects of the ladder upgrade

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Effects of the ladder upgrade

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 08:46 by gametester

Tomorrow we will implement the new ladder and ranking system. This will have some positive and some negative effects on your accounts. I will try to list all the facts:

  • All missions, characters and goals that you have completed or unlocked will of course remain untouched.
  • Your current highest ladder rank, wins, losses and streak (the statistics of the old ladder) will be put in a special category in your account called “Old Naruto-Arena Ladder”. Please note that the streak that will be stored there is you current streak, not highest streak.
  • There will be no hall of fame since all statistics are shown in a player’s account.
  • The ladder is reset and is now based on points and levels.
  • Every player starts at level 1, with 0 experience, 0 wins, 0 losses, no streak and will have the ninja rank called ‘Academy Student’.
  • Since all players will start on ‘Academy Student’ you will first have to increase in ninja rank in order to continue with your higher level ninja missions. Note that next week some Shippuden Characters will be added for lower ninja ranks too, which will make levelling more interesting.
  • Ninja ranks will now have real meaning and are visualised in playercards, icons (and ingame next week).
  • The top 10 ladder and win streak on the main site will be based on the new ladder.
  • The top 10 most wins will be based on the new ladder, or a combination of the old and new ladder.
  • The missions will be balanced on the new ninja ranks.

Tomorrow the site will be down for a couple of hours so we can successfully upgrade. As soon as the site and new ladder is up, it is wise to get a high level as soon as possible to prepare yourself for the Shippuden missions.

You can give feedback on this news on the forums. I also opened a poll on the main site.


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effects of the ladder upgrade

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