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One game server is now up again!

>>>>>11-23-12 Update<<<<<

To arms people you are under attack. Those of you that resett to streak will have to double back. Those of you that did not resett congratulations, your dedication to better your ladder skill and rank has earned you a place on the front lines. Always be prepared in these times of war.

 9-28-12 Balance Changes


Edo Tensei Pakura (S) was a reviled Shinobi of the Hidden Sand in the past. So much so that she was revived against her will to participate in the fourth shinobi world war.




Edo Tensei Ginkaku (S) is one half of the legendary gold and silver brothers of the Hidden Cloud Village. They were the most notorious criminals in the history of the Hidden Cloud.




Edo Tensei Ameyuri (S) has been summoned from the dead to participate in the fourth ninja war. She wields the dual sharpest swords ever made.



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more chars keep them coming

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Hello world. :)

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Fuck it's so cold

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:suspicious :teeth :embarressed :embarressed :embarressed :cry :cry :smile :smile :sick :sick :sad :confused :push :push :amused :amazed :oh :oh :nuts :nuts :nuts :nuts :mad :notrust :wondering :weird :weird :wacko :teeth :unsure :laugh :huh :wondering :worried :wondering :worried

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:amazed :amazed :amazed

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Oppa gangnam style~ :cool

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Anyone here?

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no :notrust

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I am afraid not.

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quero um clan manda convite ai por favo

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quero um clan manda convite ai por favo

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there okay:noworry :noworry

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