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Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 03:36 by gametester
  • Balance update: Haruno Sakura's Rampage now costs 2 random chakra instead of 3.
  • Balance update: Akimichi Chouji's Partial Double Size Technique costs 1 taijutsu again.
  • Bug update: Hyuuga Hinata's bug is fixed.

  • I just created and added a country ladder. In this ladder you can see which country is doing best in the Naruto Arena game.

    So far it the top 5 looks like this:

    #1 USA 29155 points
    #2 Philippines 29124 points
    #3 France 29060 points
    #4 United Kingdom 29003 points
    #5 Canada 28959 points

    In order to let your account have influence on this ladder you should confirm that you selected the right country in your profile. If you want to edit your profile, then go to the change settings page.

    Click Country ladder to go to the complete ranking.

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