Sunday, July 5, 2009 at 10:57 by Luapman

Kin's Unnerving Bells and Needle and Bell Trap have been returned to their pre-8/16 balance update effects.

Without doing a complete rework of Kin, changing the reliable nature of her drain is to much of a nerf to her. An attempt to kill two birds with one stone only ended up killing one bird with a boulder.


8/19 Balance Change
Boosts: Kin, Gaara


8/16 Balance Change
Nerfs: Kin (revised)
Boosts: Shizune, Kidoumaru
Reworks: Gaara, Kankuro (revised)

8/07 Balance Change
Rework: Itachi Body Double's FInger Genjutsu

This was changed from stealing chakra from the enemy to just giving chakra to IBD. Why? The effect is happening after the enemy spends chakra but before they get more chakra. If the enemy has no chakra left then there is nothing to drain. This was discovered during testing of the new Shino.


7/14 Balance Changes:
Nerfs: Four-Tails, Kakashi, and Kankuro
Boosts: Gai(S)

Read about changes here and discuss balance here.


Hi all,

 As was done in the past for a couple previous characters, I have decided to do more characters by community submission. I will be making a topic in the forums for it shortly which will talk about the process in more detail. Once it is up I desperately beg you to read the guidelines before submitting.

So, in essence, player submitted characters filtered through myself will be the method of character creation here for the forseeable future. I am not sure how long (or how NOT long) this may last, but assuming there are enough viable submissions for characters as they become "doable", I see no reason not to continue with this method.

Be sure to check back for when I make the topic and post the link.

Ok the topic is HERE.

The topic has been moved for evaluation and selection. It will be reinstated after this first round of selections.


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