Chakra Exchange System Proposal B Accepted

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Chakra Exchange System Proposal B Accepted

Thursday, September 18, 2008 at 10:06 by gametester

10/13/08 Balance Changes:
Boosts: Kabuto

10/11/08 Balance Changes:
Reworks: Yoroi, Kabuto

10/5/08 Balance Changes:
Boosts: Kisame Body Double, Kin

10/4/08 Balance Changes:
Nerfs: Kankuro, Kidoumaru

10/3/08 Balance Changes:
Nerfs: Kabuto, Orochimaru

9/24/08 Mission Changes:
The search for Sakon
The search for Tayuya
The Sound amongst the Leaves
A genius of ranged combat
(If you run into a bug, just win an other battle with the mission requiremnts. This should fix it.)

9/20/08 Balance Change:
Boosts: Neji (S)
Nerfs: Sasori

The chakra exchange system is released!

Give your opinion and vote in this topic.

Hi players,

Here are the votes for the chakra system proposals:
Proposal A (3 of a kind for 1 specific) (473) (30%)
Proposal B (5 random for 1 specific) (856) (55%)
None of both! (239) (15%)

Since we do don't think we will have any major balance issues because of the change we are going to test it the coming day(s) on all game types (private, quick and ladder). We will implement the system in the next hour. If you are currently playing it is wise to check the news after every match. If this newspost says its released you have to refresh your game in order to see the chakra exchange option.

We will soon make a topic where you can vote if you like the change or not.
Furthermore a minor change in the engine has changed a problem with Tree Bind Death. The skill now works whenever a character uses a skill (instead of when a skill would be successffull).

Good luck!

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