Saturday, August 26, 2006 at 17:42 by gametester
New Balance updates:
  • Akimichi Chouji's Meat tank has it's cooldown reduced with one round.
  • Tenten's Twin rising dragons now does 25 damage instead of 30.
  • Gaara of the Desert's Desert Coffin has it's cooldown decreased to 1, to make him a more versatile charater.
  • Nara Shikamaru's Meditate now lasts 4 rounds instead of 3.
  • Kankuro's Poison Bomb now lasts 3 rounds and does 30 damage instead of 4 rounds and 40 damage.
  • Temari's Cutting Whirlwind now costs 1 ninjutsu and 1 random instead of 1 ninjutsu and 2 random.
  • Temari's Summoning Quick Beheading Dance now costs 2 ninjutsu and 1 random instead of 2 ninjutsu and 2 random.

New bug fixes:
  • Yamanaka Ino's Change of Heart and Heart of the Valentine bug has been fixed.
  • Akimichi Chouji's Pill bug has been fixed.
  • Updated description on Yamanaka Ino's Mind Body Disturbance Technique. (Yes, it has always been the idea behind this technique to ignore all types of defence.)
Note: The bug in chakra draining and stealing techniques has now been fixed.
Note: Register is working again.

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