Best web hosting investment donations needed asap!

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Best web hosting investment donations needed asap!

Friday, February 16, 2007 at 22:50 by gametester
Note: We are now tracking the donations at the thanks list.

Fellow players,

Many battles crashed the past month because of web hosting overload. In the very beginning the web hosting could only handle around 500 people, after tweaking we can now handle a maximum of around 1200 players. Any more people online causes web hosting crashes.

First our web hoster told us to either shut down the site, set a lock on the amount of people or try to get thousands of donations for new web hosting servers. But he made the choice easier for us. Because our web hoster has believed in our site since the production, he just made a great offer.

We made the following deal with our web hoster. The hoster invested an enormous $15.000,- dollars of server costs. This includes a whole new rack, two servers close to the best web hosting servers this world has to offer, and enough bandwidth to keep the site up. We should greatly thank him for having such fade in our gaming community and making an investment i couln't even believe the first time i saw it.

With the upcoming donations we have to pay him this money back as soon as possible. Within two months we planned to set up extra services for donators. We must do this to keep the site up and let the game remain free and available to everyone. Continuing without the investment was no option.

It?s now you and us that should try to get as many donations as possible to cover this huge investment for the web hosting. People that have some money left, a lot or a little, please donate and you will be on the list to get the extra services as soon as they are released. Please be sure to set your paypal address in the 'change settings' page.

Somewhere this week we will receive the new web hosting servers, which will also stop many problems and give the staff more time to work on the game itself. Remember, we did not forget about the forums, clan support and yes, the akatsuki team.

Thanks in advance for any donation,

Naruto-Arena Staff

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