Balance update 4.5

Wednesday, February 7, 2007 at 11:50 by Luapman
Balance Update 4.5 [UPDATETED 2-20-2007]:

Howdy again Arena peoples. Welcome to the ?Oh my god! Why did they change that character? My life is ruined!? time. Basically the standard procedure here using 2 weeks of data from matches lasting 3 minutes or longer between players with a rank of 1000 or greater.

I used some discretionary leeway considering the goals of the current missions, but in some cases leeway was not necessary. I was not planning on altering any Sound Nin but found that only 3 out of the 5 had low win percentages. If all 5 had low scores then I would chalk it up to the effect of the missions, but with 2 having very solid scores I can see that the missions are not a primary cause of this. Also the Jounins have a significant enough playtime to consider their percents fairly concrete. That being said this update will focus mainly on the characters mentioned.

Rock Lee, Neji, Kidoumaru, and Sakon have all received boosts. Tayuya, Zabuza (who has been over-looked for some time now), Kurenai, and Kakashi have all received nerfs.

Rock Lee
Matches Won: 46.23%
Matches Lost: 53.77%
  • Drunken Fist Style Taijutsu reduces damage to Lee by 66 percent rather than 50 percent.

Matches Won: 47.1%
Matches Lost: 52.9%
  • Eight Triagram Sixty-Four Palms Technique leaves the target unable to defend for one round.

Matches Won: 44.56%
Matches Lost: 55.44%
  • Dynamic Air Marking lasts 5 rounds.

Matches Won: 43.38%
Matches Lost: 56.62%
  • Poison Bomb lasts 4 rounds. The cooldown has also been increased accordingly to 4 rounds.

Matches Won: 42.64
Matches Lost: 57.36%
  • Summoning Kyodaigumo reduces damage to Kidoumaru by 33 percent.

Matches Won: 41.03%
Matches Lost: 58.97%
  • Nirvana Fist and Mud Cannonball have both had their cooldowns removed.

Matches Won: 57.77%
Matches Lost: 42.23%
  • Summoning the Doki costs 1 genjutsu, 1 random and the cooldown is reduced to 1.
  • Doki Chakra Ghosts does 5 damage and removes 1 chakra from the target rather than removing 1 chakra for 2 turns.
  • Summoning the Doki reduces damage to Tayuya by 33 percent rather than 50 percent.

Matches Won: 44.11%
Matches Lost: 55.89%
  • Rest heals 35 damage from Sakon rather than healing 30 damage.

Matches Won: 44.26%
Matches Lost: 55.74%
  • Clematis self-damage is now spread over 2 rounds.
  • Seedling Fern does 30 damage to Kimimaro but is spread over 3 rounds.
    (Yes, damage from Clematis and Fern can "stack" with each other.)

Matches Won: 56.13%
Matches Lost: 43.87%
  • Silent Homicide Technique does 30 damage rather than 35 damage to the target.

Matches Won: 67.76%
Matches Lost: 32.24%
  • Tree Bind lasts 2 rounds and has a 1 round cooldown but the target is unable to defend.
  • Cherry Blossom does 40 damage, the target cannot use a skill for 1 round, and the cost is 1 genjutsu, 1 random.
  • Plant Attack can be used on targets affected by Cherry Blossom.
  • Tree Bind Death has a cooldown of 2 turns rather than 1 turn.
  • Plant Form Attack does 20 damage to the target rather than 25 damage.

Matches Won: 63.16%
Matches Lost: 36.84%
  • Flying Swallow lasts 2 rounds and has a cooldown of 2 rounds.
  • Self-Sacrifice causes 15 damage to Asuma.

Matches Won: 45.38%
Matches Lost: 54.62%
  • Strong Whirlwind does 30 damage but costs 1 taijutsu, 1 random.
  • Gate Opening is now 6th Gate Opening. Gai loses 50 percent of his health but is invulnerable for 2 rounds, Whirlwind damage is doubled while in effect, the cooldown is 4 rounds, and the cost is 1 taijutsu.
  • Counter-Punch lasts 3 rounds, is hidden from the enemy and has a 50% chance of working by negating the enemy skill and doing 30 damage the enemy who targeted him.
(Note: Changes to Counter-Punch might not be immediate, as it needs to be re-coded.)

Matches Won: 65.94%
Matches Lost: 34.06%
  • Nin-Dogs now only lasts 1 round.
  • Raikiri has a cooldown of 1 round.
  • Sharingan Copy costs 1 bloodline but has a cooldown of 3 rounds.
  • Sharingan Copy has a chakra cost of one bloodline and one random rather than one bloodline.
  • Raikiri does 55 damage to the target rather than 60 damage.

(NOTE: I have only listed specific changes to the skills. All other effects of these skills exist unchanged.)


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