Balance Update 2

Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 20:09 by Luapman
Balance Update Time!

  • Naruto's Rasengan was increased to 45 damage.
  • Sasuke's Chidori has had it's cooldown decreased by 1.
  • Lee only loses 80% of his health when he uses Gates now.
  • Gaara's Armor of Sand now reduces damage by 75%.
  • Kiba's Air Marking is now area effect but lasts 4 rounds.
  • Ino's Change of Heart now lasts 3 rounds and has a 4 turn cooldown.
  • Chouji can again take pills while using Meat Tank.
  • Update: Tenten's cooldown of trap lowered to 3 turns. Damage of dragons increased to 30.
  • Update:Temari's Cutting Whirlwind now does 25 damage. Quick Beheading dance now costs 1 ninjutsu and 2 random but has a 1 turn cooldown.
  • Tenten's Twin Rising Dragons Trap has has its cooldown increased to 4 turns.
  • Jiroubou's Dungeon Chamber of Nothingness does not stun anymore, it now gives 1 turn of invulnerability to his own team.
  • Tayuya's Demonic Flute Illusion now has a 6 turn cooldown, Summoning the Doki only gives herself 50% damage reduction, and Doki Chakra Ghosts now last 2 rounds with a 1 turn cooldown.
  • Kimimaru's Camelia now reduces his health by 5, Clematis now reduces his health by 15 and does 45 damage, Seedling Fern now reduces his health by 20 and does 40 damage but its cost has changed to 1 bloodline and 2 random.
  • Shizune's heal now does 50 health and has its cooldown increased by 1, Poison Mist is now single target but last 3 rounds and does 10 damage per round and has a 1 turn cooldown.
  • Update: Kiba's Air Marking now costs 2 random.
  • Shikamaru's Shadow Bind has a cooldown of 5 rounds but now boosts Neck Bind by 100%. Neck Bind now does 30 damage and disables defence for 1 round but only requires Meditate to be active.
  • Zabuza's Waterfall now has a cooldown of 4 rounds, Hidden mist now boosts the damage of Silent Homicide by 100% and cost 1 random less, Silent Homicide now does 35 damage to one target anytime and costs 1 extra random.
  • Update: Jiroubou's cooldown of Dungeon Chamber of Nothingness increased to 5 turns.
  • Update: Zabuza's duration of Hidden Mist Technique lowered to 2 turns, cooldown remains 3 turns.
Thanks for waiting and hope you enjoy.


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