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Balance 1.1.7 + Optimization

Monday, December 15, 2014 at 05:51 by Kostas


Hey guys, we did a small hotfix of some of the characters to kind of the cut them off before they get too silly. 

  • Nerfs: Sai, Hatake Kakashi (S), Maito Gai (S).

 Details on balance changes can be found >here<.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Hyuuga Neji's Byakugan Insight not having the class of unique.
  • Tsurugi Misumi's Tighten Joints is now able to end Gaara's Sand Clone.
  • Uchiha Itachi's Amaterasu can now be reflected.
  • Sakura (S)'s Superior Healing will now end properly.
  • Sakura (S)'s Superior Healing will now remove afflictions.
  • Kakashi (S)'s Lightning Beast Fang's stun effect will now properly go through invulnerability.
  • Kakashi (S)'s Kakashi Kamui not having the class of unique.
  • Kakashi (S)'s Kakashi Kamui will now be able to go through invulnerability on friendly targets.
  • Kakashi (S)'s Team Tactics not having the class of mental.
  • Tenten (S)'s Heavenly Chain Disaster can now be properly interacted with.
  • Tenten (S)'s Bashousen: Coil of Fire's affliction damage will no longer be inaccurately reduced on initial use.
  • Maito Gai (S)'s Nunchaku Taijutsu will now end properly.
  • Nii Yugito (S)'s Spectral Fireball will no longer reduce affliction skills.
  • Atsui (S)'s Kenjutsu Fire Release not having the class of unique.
  • Zetsu (S)'s Parasite Clone is now properly considered harmful. It was helpful.
  • Fixed skills that stun will now be properly stunned by skills that stun stuns.
Spirit in Black

Alright guys, it's time for the next batch of characters to optimize. You know the drill. We have optimized pictures, skills, effects, profiles and missions of the next 9 characters. We also did a small balance and in addition released a new character. So have at it.

Special shout-out to Sorina by the way who does the pictures for all the batches. Thought we should thank her for once. If you like the pictures, send her some gratitude. If you don't, then PM Spirit_in_Black instead. 

Uzumaki Kushina

The mother of Uzumaki Naruto, wife to Minato and once the jinchuriki to the nine-tailed fox; Kushina is a kindred and loving woman with a stubborn and headstrong side that often flairs up. Kushina specializes in unique sealing and barrier techniques that can hinder and disable even the strongest of enemies. 


  • Boosts: Hyuuga Hinata, Rock Lee, Yakushi Kabuto.
  • Partial Rework: Uzumaki Naruto (S), Haruno Sakura (S), Sai (S), Yamato (S), Hyuuga Neji (S).
  • Full Rework: Hatake Kakashi (S),Rock Lee (S), Tenten (S), Maito Gai (S).
Details on balance changes can be found >here<.
Additionally, you may discuss the balances in this section >here<. 

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