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Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 04:00 by Spirit_in_Black


Hello, everyone.

So, let's get to it with all the news and what we will be trying to accomplish in the coming weeks.

Firstly, we are going through each character, and doing the following:

-Optimizing their code, and in turn, fixing all glitches and bugs associated with them.
-Updating all their pictures if they need to be updated.
-Updating their profile.
-Updating their skill descriptions.
-Doing balances on them if they are too powerful, or too weak.
-Reworking the characters if their design is not up to par.

This will take some time, and so far, we have gone through Uzumaki Naruto to Yamanaka Ino. This does not mean those characters will not see any further changes, but at the moment, all of the above has been accomplished on them.

Additionally, in each balance, we will be doing some minor nerfs or boosts to the very OP/UP characters, but those characters, who have yet to be optimized will not see any major change, or rework until we do get to them.

Now, we will be doing two passes over. This means we will go through each character in order, do what we said above, and then after we are done, go through them again to finalize a few things that need to be put in place that obviously never were. This will take time, and until it is all done, there will be some oddities, but bare with us, and with time, we will improve this game!


  • Boosts: Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Akimichi Chouji, Yamanaka Ino.
  • Nerfs: Yamato (S), Ao (S), Kyuubi Naruto (S), Edo Tensei Chiyo (S), Edo Tensei Fuguki (S).
  • Reworks(Minor): Nara Shikamaru.
  • Reworks(Major): Aburame Shino.
Details can be found >here<.

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